Ferry Service Between The ABC-Islands Becoming A Reality


WILLEMSTAD, ORANJESTAD – The feasibility study for a ferry service between Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao is almost finished and then the government can hold a public tender for interested companies to offer this service.

The tickets for the ferry should be affordable, says the Aruban politician and Member of Parliament Andin Bikker, one of the initiators.

The research on the connection between the islands by water began late last year and was done by Ferry Research Inter Caribbean Express. This was paid by the thee islands. The research identified, for example, the preconditions for a ferry. In addition, a quick turnaround is needed on each island, says Bikker. “The boat must be unloaded and loaded in thirty minutes.”

According to the politician another point that is important is the affordability of the tickets. “The thoughts are 10 dollars one way per person and 25 dollars for a car.”

The sailing time between Aruba and Curaçao will be a little over two hours. From Curaçao to Bonaire will be about an hour.


Bron: Curacao chronicle