Important message! Datacenter relocation on the coming 26th of August.

Dear customer,

In our ongoing efforts to improve quality of our services, we have taken an important step.

We will exchange the Easynet data center in Schiphol-Rijk, where we have accommodated a part of our server racks since 2006, for the recently completed and opened new wing of the EvoSwitch data center in Haarlem Netherlands.

The EvoSwitch data center, is currently one of the most modern in the Netherlands. It offers first class connectivity with over 50+ in-house carriers and Internet Exchanges, EvoSwitch operates environmentally friendly and climate neutral with solely 100% green energy and has a quality infrastructure with constant innovation. Moreover, they are a Gold Partner of the main internet hub in the Netherlands, the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) which has now become the largest Internet Exchange in the world. Thus by migrating to the EvoSwitch data center, we can guarantee you a higher quality of your hosting services. Regardless of which hosting product(s) you currently acquire through us.

The migration of our racks at Schiphol-Rijk to Haarlem, will take place during the night of Friday, August 26 2016 starting 1600 h upon Saturday, August 27th, 2016. In addition, there will be downtime, which we will try to minimize.

We would like to ask you to consider this upcoming migration and schedule it in your agenda.