‘One-Stop Security’ agreement among airports of Dutch Caribbean islands

Willemstad – Representatives of the aviation industry of the Dutch Caribbean islands Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire and Sint Maarten, met to finalize the ‘One-Stop Security’ agreement. As of mid-2016, transfer passengers traveling between the Dutch Caribbean islands will no longer need to undergo a secondary screening at Curaçao International Airport. This will allow a smoother flow of these passengers at the airport and a considerable gain in passenger comfort.

The screening exemption means that transfer passengers, including their luggage, won’t need to undergo a screening at Curaçao International Airport before entering the Departure Area, where they wait to board their connecting flight. The passengers will have already undergone a similar screening at the country they boarded. When transferring in Curaçao, a gate agent will lead these passengers directly to the gate, this way ensuring that only transfer passengers enter the Departure Area. Transfer passengers will be allowed to enter the departure hall with duty free purchased Liquids, Aerosol and Gels (LAG’s) in what is known as the Security Tamper Evident Bags.

According to Curaçao Airport Partners, this addition to the airport procedures is a positive development for both the passenger as well as the airline; the transfer passenger goes through a more enjoyable guided process while the connection times in Curaçao are made shorter, which is especially important for the national airlines.

On the picture from left to right: Mr. Sprott (Prinses Juliana International Airport), Mrs. Flemming (Aruba Airport Authority), Mr. Kirchner (Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba), Mr. Angela Aruba Airport Authority), Mr. Mogen (Curaçao Airport Partners), Mr. Krips (Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority), Mr. Jacobs (Sint Maarten Civil Aviation Authority), Mr. Wanga (Bonaire International Airport)