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Korte omschrijving: 
Dutch college graduate with writing/editing experience is looking for a job


I originally studied musicology, combined with a couple of practical courses like music journalism and web editing, and I worked with great pleasure as a writer, editor and webmaster for a couple of years. At a certain point in life however, I decided I wanted to go back to the Antilles, having lived on Curacao as a kid. I became a divemaster and later a dive instructor, a job that - like my last work - I'm very passionate about. But being a fulltime instructor is physically demanding job, and I feel that I need to slow down a bit on the teaching, for my body's sake. Ideally I would be looking for a parttime job that allows me to teach a course every now and then too, however for the right job, I'd be happy to change that ambition to a 40 hours workweek.


I'm looking for a challenge in my work, something that will demand my intelligence as well as my physical presence. I'm in the posession of a (Dutch) driverslicence, I'm an Emergency First Responce instructor and an SDI Instructor trainer. I speak and write Dutch and English, understand and read German, but my Papiamentu desperately needs improvement.
If you would like an idea of my writing (in Dutch), you can check my website: www.astriddejager.nl.




Werk / Denkniveau: 
Full- of parttime: 
2010-now Dive Instructor @ Dive Friends Bonaire 2009 Dive master @ Dive Friends Bonaire 2008-2009 PR @ Muziek Centrum Nederland 2008 Coordinator program notes @ Robeco Zomerconcerten 2007-2010 Editorial board @ Mens en Melodie 2005-2008 Librarian @ Gaudeamus foundation 2005-heden Webmaster and secretary assistant @ Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis 2005 en 2006 Assistant producer @ Holland Festival 2005 Assistant producer @ Grachtenfestival 2003-heden writer of program notes, interviews and articles about music @ Preludium (Concertgebouw), Akkoord Magazine, Mens en Melodie, Holland Festival and Leo Smitstichting.
Datum van beschikbaarheid: 
31 januari 2012