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Statistical researcher, Statistical analysis and construction of management indicators.

Trabajar En Un bien establecido Lugar, la Compaía reconocido De Servicio, atronador ademas el ofrecer equivocado Conocimientos y Experiencia ADQUIRIDA sí puedo Seguir Creciendo profesionalmente beingable párr desarrollar Una larga carrera al Tiempo Que contribuye estafa los Objetivos de la Empresa.

 Hey Adquirido Una experiencia en el área Valiosa de Estadística, trabaje y Diferentes Proyectos Donde me Desarrollo y Publicación de estudios estadísticos apoyar párr La Toma del Decisiones. Estadístico El Análisis y la Construcción de los Indicadores de la Gestión.

Advies / Consultancy
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Work Experience JUNE 1996..... Instituto de Previsión Social de las Fuerzas Armadas - IPSFA. Management Planning. Department of Statistics. Position held: Assistant Statistics. Reporting  Plan and coordinate data collection and statistical data validation of information provided by each department of the institute, writing from memory and mind institute, design and preparation of statistical charts and graphic yearbook Preparation of drafts for submission of Year-end Report as well as the statistical yearbook 1996. Design and preparation of survey services to members, monthly statistical reports Writing on the management of the Institute. APRIL 1997..... XEROX de Venezuela, C.A.. National Logistics Management and Distribution ISC. Internships (April 1 to August 15, 1997):  Evaluation of the performance level of transportation service providers in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas (satisfaction survey applied to customers) to justify the implementation of the COVENIN system.  Planning, financial audits and evaluations of Manufacturing companies, Commercial and Services according to the COVENIN 1000-1090.  Construction of a Register Provider Quality Optima (Support Dept. of Local Purchase XEROX).  Analysis of future scenarios for the proposed of new transport fares.  Optimizing Service Area Orders of Company technicians. FEBRUARY 1998..... LABORATORIOS BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, C.A.. Administration and Finance management. Accounting Department. Position held: Cost Advisor.  Import cost and inventory control of finished products. Time Calculation of stock inventory, raw material, packaging material, medical samples and domestic products.  Elaboration of inventory movement reports. OCTOBER 1998..... BANSISTEMAS CENTRO, C.A.. Presidency. Position held: Cost Analyst and networks and systems technician.  Analyze unit costs for budgets ( projects, labor works and services ); Assess and monitor all costs that are involved in construction projects , calculating price adjustments in budgets, variance analysis , analyzing the performance obtained , Development of sales statistics and calculation of commissions; Maintain relations between the services, facilities , supplies and costs for effective marketing; Evaluate and analyze marketing processes. Control inventory equipment .  Evaluation and Analysis of Warehouse operations , purchasing and billing, planning and designing of new procedures and documents for these transactions.  Management LAN environment under Windows NT 4.0 and WINDOWS SERVER 2000. Coordinate the installation and configuration of network equipment under WINDOWS NT SERVER 4.0 platform and WINDOWS 2000 . Installing and configuring a LAN modem for Internet ( access request) , User Setup with dedicated Internet access or broadband. Installing and Configuring System Internal Mail and Internet Mail ( Outlook and Outlook Express ) . Installation, configuration and maintenance SAINT ADMINISTRATIVE , ACCOUNTING AND PAYROLL system. Provide technical support to users on network -level software (SAINT , OFFICE 2000 97 Y ) and hardware. SEPTEMBER 2003..... ZEMERATH, C.A. (outsourcing of CANTV). FEBRUARY 2007..... TALENTGROUP, C.A. (outsourcing of CANTV). Corporate Management of HR & Staffing in CANTV. Position held: Systems and Statistics Consultant.  Analysis, testing and evaluation of the systems developed by Management Systems and Software for Corporate Management of HR & Staffing in CANTV.  Proposal, design and development of a statistical system focused to generate statistics and reports on applicants databases.  Prepare reports and statistical presentations about the management in each of its projects and programs.  Construction of performance indicators of HR consultants.  Requirements analysis performed by Management Staffing according to the positions, evaluated psychological characters and Skills in order to establish what were the greatest demand profiles and the corresponding suggestions and in this way support this information for the new strategies of massive searches and evaluations of candidates.  Graphic designing BANNERS publicizing Jobs Fairs, HR events. Sending of bulk invitations to register job offers (OPPORTUNITIES), published in different websites of CANTV Corporation.  Massive searches Profiles of candidates required by CANTV in different job hunters then to send invitations to register CV in the database OPPORTUNITIES.  Planning and development of a comparative study on the population of CANTV employees evaluated by “StrengthsFinder” psychological test against external candidates Evaluated Data Base; which are evaluated with the same tool, in order to: determine significant differences between the two populations and detect Cluster between different roles evaluated.  Planning and development of a study on a sample population of CALL CENTER executives, in order to determine which demographic and performance management, contribut variables on the results of the psychological test developed by Gallup StrengthsFinder Organization for CANTV. FEBRUARY 2008..... CANTV MOVILNET, C.A. Customer Retention Management. Position held: Retention Specialist.  Monitoring and control of the evolution of the Prepaid Client Portfolio.  Develop and update the system with periodic reports (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) Evolution of Movilnet’s Prepaid portfolio versus projected goal, which allows monitor the progression of reaching the target portfolio, in order to identify deviations, generate alarms and provide preventive and corrective action fed back to the managers involved.  Design and Application of quality services surveys to clients of the Transfer Portfolio, and the design and implementation of exit surveys of service.  Prepare reports and statistical presentations about the management in each projects.  Develop, implement and adjust the projection models of canceled Prepay customers that support the strategic planning process of the Vice President of Commercial Operations to thereby generate sales estimation that be performed to achieve the goals of market share.
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20 april 2014