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Werken is een lust, geen 8-5 mentaliteit, continu nieuwe ervaring en know-how opdoenFrank Meijer Human Resources, Public Relations and Special Projects Advisor + Trainer and Coach + frank.p.meijer@gmail.com Summary Many years of experience in Leadership, Human Resources, Public Relations, Operations

Frank Meijer

Human Resources, Public Relations and Special Projects Advisor + Trainer and Coach +frank.p.meijer@gmail.com

SummaryMany years of experience in Leadership, Human Resources, Public Relations, Operations, InsuranceIndustry, Financial Management, Business Economics, Management Project Management,Purchasing Management, negotiations and mediation. Counselling for drugs addicts and their familiymembers .

Proficient in English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento and a few words of French.Lecturer HR issues, as well as knowledge and experience with security surveys, systems andprocedures investigations.

Also, Security Management, Facilities Management, Construction Management and Procurement.Drugs, Alcohol and Solvent CounsellorProfessional Business Professional Stonebridge Associated Colleges United KingdomFinancial Management Stonebridge Associated Colleges United KingdomMiddle Management Institute for Social Studies the NetherlandsAntillean Bookkeeping Associations of Teachers the NetherlandsPolice Institutes including Detective institute ZutphenStrategic Human Resource ManagementOperations ManagementFinancial ManagementSmart Building ConceptsHigh profile (banking) SecurityExperience in Change Management from an Emerging Economy to a Thriving Economy taking abalanced budget into consideration. Also, in a more subtle way changing the workforce's vision,mission and goal-setting. Assisting people how to handle change and how you can profit from itimproving not only your standard of living but also your general wellbeing, as well as how to acceptyour responsibility and accountability..Co-author appraisal system “A new direction”.Co-author Working Rules& Regulations for employees and management.Page 1frank.p.meijer@gmail.comSpecialtiesSubstance Abuse Counselling, Change and HR Management, Appraisal and Re-numerationschemes, Public Relations,Financial Management and Business Economics, (High) Bank SecurityManagement, Negotiating, mediation and arbitration. Horizontal and vertical Mobility Management, Indepth knowledge of Building Automation Systems (Smart Building Concept), Industrial UPS systems,Voltage Stabilisers, Experience with Special (TYCO) Fire Suppression Systems for delicatesituations, Interim ManagementExperienceABC Institute at Professional Trainer & CoachJuly 2010 - Present (4 months)Operations Management, HR Management, Re-organisations, Publuc Relations FinancialManagement, Project Management, Budget Management, Mobility and Change Management,Conflict Management + Addiction CounsellingConsultant at Oyuela's Ltd.May 2009 - July 2010 (1 year 3 months)Consultancy in Operations Management, HR Management, Re-organisattions, FinancialManagement, Project Management, Budget Management, Mobility and Change Management,Conflict Management.Manager (Director) at Central Bank of ArubaMarch 1986 - May 2009 (23 years 3 months)Manager (Director) Human Resources/Facilities and Security of the Central Bank of Aruba.Relevant projects worked on:Reorganization of different departmentsPublic RelationsCounsellingInternal coordinator performance - appraisal system for employees 'A New Direction'Intense Hotel Management (United Kingdom)Project Manager Market several remuneration and compensation schemes for employees.Project Manager introduction different Human Resources Management SystemsProject Manager pension arrangement for employeesSecurity Seminars including anti-terrorismCollective insurances for employeesChange and Coaching ManagementPage 2Mobility Management (vertical and horizontal)Project Manager new remuneration scheme for employees with job descriptions and theclassification of each function and continuous actualizations.Project Manager Additional Medical Benefits due to introduction of new national healthcare planProject Manager Mortgage Regulations for EmployeesProject Manager Rules,Regulations and Facilities for employeesExperience in Tyco Non Lethal Fire Supression Systems for Archives Rooms and IT (Computer)Rooms.Organizer of the VII Annual Conference of Human Resource Managers in the Caribbean Region2005Member of Budget CommitteeProject Manager renovation old building Central Bank(US$ 1,500.000)Member Steering Committee and Internal Coordinator new office building (high security) CentralBank of Aruba (US$ 12,000.000)Coordinator Park Project as a donation to the Aruban CommunityProject Manager in different other projects regarding Human Resources, construction, high securitysystems and Facilities Management.7 recommendations available upon requestChaiman of the Board at Stichting Protestants Christelijk Onderwijs1990 - 2008 (18 years)This Foundation (from high schools to kindergardens) has about 100 workers of which 86 teachers.The high schools for the last 15 years have had the highest percentages in the examinationsscores of which mostly above the 85% en even 94%.Member of the Board at (Co-founder of SONRISA for the severe mentally handicapped)February 1996 - January 1999 (3 years)Secretary of the Board at (Co-founder of the rehabilitation clinic for addictions Zr. Mimi Ecury)January 1990 - May 1995 (5 years 5 months)Police Associate Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles at Netherland and Netherlands PoliceForceMay 1971 - March 1986 (14 years 11 months)Surveillance Department and Fire-fighting Department (Netherlands Antilles) -about 2 ½ years-Tactical and Administrative Detective including with Interpol (Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, TheNetherlands) -about 9 years-Head Office of Public Transportation (Police) ArubaOffice of Special Ordinances of the Police Department. -about 2 ½ years-

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Stonebridge Associated CollegesDiploma, Business Economics Proffesional, 2007 - 2009Stonebridge Associated CollegesDrug,Solvent and Alcohol Abuse Counselling, 2005 - 2007Stonebridge Associated CollegesDiploma, Financial Management, 2004 - 2006Institute for Social StudiesDiploma, Management, 1986 - 1988Leidse Onderwijs InstellingenCertificate, Personnel Management, 1986 - 1988Vereniging van Leekrachten Nederland (Vlissem)Diploma, Antillean Bookkeeping, 1982 - 1984Police Institutes Curacao, Aruba, NetherlandsDiploma's, Police and Detective Sciences, Narcotics, Youth Police, Crime Prevention,  1971 - 1982Activities and Societies: Diplomas, Police Science, Tactical Detective Sciences, Narcotics, YouthPolice, Crime Prevention, Fire Fighter, Riot controlwere attended between 1971 and 1982.

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Frank MeijerHuman Resources, Public Relations and Special Projects Advisor + Trainer and Coach +frank.p.meijer@gmail.com



"I have know Frank from way back during his student years and have seen him grow professionally.He comes from a home where learning and education was number ONE)1). Frank is a borncreative and original thinker. He has native intelligence, great curiosity about people and ideas, andplenty of common sense that he has applied to solving many problems both as a past PoliceAssociate and as a Manager at the Central Bank of Aruba. He has demonstrated excellent powersof observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest change in effective and strategic ways.Besides his personal developement Frank has made sure to be competent in economics andfinancial management. He is also a popular and effective Instructors and Coach and master of allthe ingredients of successfull teaching, especially the ability to inspire. As a good member of ourcomunity he is actively engaged in various foundations on the Island as member of the board ofdirectors. With pleasure I take the liberty to highly recommend Frank to any prospective businesswho wish to take a leap to a higher level of quality."— Juan Kock, Director of Human Resources, Allegro Resort & Casino Aruba, was with anothercompany when working with Frank at Central Bank of Aruba.

"I've worked with Frank a couple of years at the Central Bank of Aruba. First during the proces ofbuilding the new Central Bank and additional consulting maintanance, small changes and creatinga park. It was and still is a pleasure to work with Frank. He's an excellent person with a greatknowledge. I'll work with Frank again when the opportunity is there. I will recomment to hire Frank."— Dennis Vaandering, Managing Director, SPECTRA Architectural Engineering NV, reported toFrank at Central Bank of Aruba.

"I had the pleasure of working with Frank at the Central Bank of Aruba. As a manager responsiblefor Human Resources, Frank did a great job in helping out the new Dutch expats that came to workwith the bank. Thanks to Frank, my wife and I settled quickly on the island and soon felt at home.Frank is a dedicated professional with very good social skills. He has a great, subtle way to getdifficult things done without confronting people unnecessarily. I wish Frank, with his managerialskills, his great humor and enthusiasm a lot of success with his further career!"— Flip Juch, Hoofd Sectie Toezicht Banken, Centrale Bank van Aruba, worked with Frank atCentral Bank of Aruba

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"I know Frank for almost 6 years. Frank is very sharp when it comes to details. He pays a lot ofattention and it always up to date with technology. He is a fair, straight forward and honest manwhich makes doing business very easy."— johan richardson, Account Manager, Zenitel, was a consultant or contractor to Frank at CentralBank of Aruba.

"Frank is a very knowledgeable, professional and involved HRM manager. He has the ability toquickly focus on the main issues. Excellent antenna for company culture. Uses his considerablecreative skills very effectively to come up with more solutions to one problem. Time- andcostefficient worker with expertise in various fields. Sympathetic and very likeable colleague. Ableto think out of the box. Very good social skills. Would recommend him any time."— Ron Luberti, Head Legal Affairs, Centrale Bank van Aruba, worked with Frank at Central Bankof Aruba (Presentlly Sectretary to the Management of De Nederlandsche Bank).

"Frank is a very organized professional who has a keen sense of how to make projects succeedthrough follow up and structure. He is very good with people and a great motivator."— Koos Veel, Owner, Gamma Research Inc., was with another company when working with Frankat Central Bank of Aruba.

"Mr. Frank Meijer is a skillful manager, he is strong in maintaining a helicopter view and at the sametime having an eye for detail when needed. Further more he sees things in the right perspectiveand knows when to put his foot down. I met Mr. Frank Meijer as Facility Manager of the CentralBank of Aruba and found it a pleasure working for him, he is a good communicator, allways willing

to listen and help searching for the best solution to solve a problem. I sincerely recommend MrFrank Meijer."Johan talboom, Building Automation & Controls Project Engineer - HVAC, Protec Aruba, was aconsultant or contractor to Frank at Central Bank of ArubaPage 6

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1 december 2010